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NDT Equipment Repair

Repair Quotation

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This is a flaw detector being repaired at VARE.

Probe Repair / Recondition

If you have a faulty or worn probe we offer a probe repair and recondition service. Use the latest technology available we can re-shoe ultrasonic probes quickly and efficiently.

Following repair or re-shoe all probes are put through the relevant certification procedure to ensure optimum operation.

Did you know? We also fit wear rings to increase the operational life of probe shoes. This is an optional extra and there are a range of options available.

Probe Lead Recondition

Probe leads are an essential part of testing, connecting the main unit to the probe, carrying important signals.

It is not always cost effective to replace leads with new every time one breaks, so we offer a quick and efficient probe lead repair service. Not only does this reduce costs, it is also earth friendly and all items are recycled where possible.

Did you know? Each lead we recondition / repair we fit 100% new cabling & connectors where required, whilst reconditioning your old ‘re-usable’ connectors and returning them to you as good as new.