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Sonatest Sitescan D-50 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

This is a Sonatest Sitescan D-50 ultrasonic flaw detector, available for hire / rent from VARE
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Operator Manual
Test Range             0-5mm(0.25in)up to 0-10,000mm (400 in.) in steel at                                5930m/s (19455f/s) Velocity  1000 – 10,000 m/s continuously variable.
Probe Zero 0 to 999.999µs.
Delay 0-10,000m (400in) in steel at 5930m/s (19455f/s)
Gain 0 to 110dB adjustable in 0.5, 1, 2, 6,10, 14 and 20dB steps.
Test Modes    Pulse echo and transmit/receive.
Pulser 200V fixed.  50nS square wave.    Rise/Fall times
Damping 50 and 400 Ohm damping selectable.
Active Edge Unique Active Edge Mode for improved near-surface resolution.
P.R.F  Adjustable 5Hz to 1kHz. External sync also available.
Screen Update Rate 60Hz
Rectification RF, Full wave, +ve half-wave and -ve half-wave.
Frequency Range 1.0MHz to 14MHz (-3db)
Vertical Linearity 0.5% Full Screen Height (FSH).
Horizontal Linearity +-0.2% Trace Full Screen Width (FSW).
Reject (Selectable) Up to 80% Linear reject   (removes baseline noise without affecting indication amplitude) Or Up to 50% Suppressive reject   (increase zero offset and reduces amplitude of all echoes)  LED Warning when active.
Units Metric (mm), Imperial (in).
Display Colour Transflective VGA (640 x 480) TFT  Display area: 116.16 x 87.2 mm (4.57 x 3.43 in).  A-Scan Area: 400 x 510 pixels (normal), 460 x 620 (FS).  Colours: 9 Colour options with variable brightness.
Gate Monitor Two independent gates for measurement and monitoring.  Start and width fully adjustable over the entire range of the    instrument.  Levels adjustable from 0% to 100%, positive or    negative triggering on each gate with audible & visual alarms.  Gate resolution is 5nS.
Zoom Expands range and delay to cover the area set by Gate 1    start & width control
Measurement Modes Mode 1   Signal monitor, Gate alarms can be active but no measurements  are displayed.

Mode 2   Depth and amplitude of first signal in gate.

Mode 3  Echo-Echo distance measurements.

Mode 4   Trigonometric display of beam-path, surface distance (including    X-offset) and depth of indication from the inspection surface   together with echo amplitude.  Curved surface correction can  be applied for convex and concave surfaces.   Half-skip can be indicated on screen.

Mode 5   Gate to Gate distance measurement

Mode 6   Flank to Flank

Mode 7   Beam Angle, calculated from beam path, hole radius and   hole centre depth.

Measurement Display Live display and updates on screen at 10 times per second.  Large display of a single measurement available.
Waveform Smoothing Select from:  i) None (both min and max values are displayed in the A-Scan)  ii)Fill (Min values set to baseline value, produces a solid A-Scan)  iii)Smooth (min values ignored, produces a clear outline A-Scan).
Auto Cal Provides automatic calculation of velocity and probe zero                from 2 reference echoes. Automatic calibration with two     echoes.
Reference Waveform Displays a previously stored A-log in a colour different from the  active display: enabling a quick visual check of the differences.
Internal Memory 4GByte storage available for A-scans, panels, T-logs, B-logs etc.  450,000 Panels, 200,000 A-Logs, 300,000 B-Charts, 440,000     T-Logs.
Active Peak Memory Retains all A-scans on screen for echo-dynamic pattern              analysis, with the active A-scan displayed in a separate colour.
Display Freeze Hold the current waveform on screen for off-line processing.
Help Key Shows software and hardware information.
Language Support Multiple languages are selectable from a list including:                 English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Modern).               Others are available on request.
USB Connection Internal storage shown as Memory Device.
Probe Sockets Lemo (BNC Adaptors Available upon request)
Temperature Operating -10oC to 55oC (14oF – 131oF).             Storage    -40oC to 75oC (-40oF – 167oF).
Size D-50: H 172mm x W 238mm x D 70mm (6.77in x 9.37in x 2.75in).
Weight Sitescan D-50: 1.7 kg (3.7lbs) with battery.

Download 1: Sitescan D-50 Brochure / Sales Flyer

Download 2: Sitescan D-50 Operators Manual