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Sonatest Sitescan D-20+ Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

This is a Sonatest Sitescan D-20+, available for hire / rental from VARE
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Operator Manual
Test Range 5mm (0.2in) up to 5,000 mm (200 in.) in steel. Variable in sequence 10mm or 1mm.
Velocity 1000 – 9999 m/s.
Probe Zero 0 to 999.999 µs.
Delay 0-5,000m at steel velocity in 0.05 steps (0-200 in 0.002 in. steps)
Gain 0 to 110dB in 0.5, 1, 2, 6, 10, 14 and 20dB steps.
Test Modes Pulse echo and transmit/receive.
Gate Start & Width adjustable over full range. Amplitude 0-100%, 0.5% steps visual and audible alarms. Positive triggering.
Measurement Modes Depth: Depth and amplitude of first signal in gate
  Echo-Echo: Echo-to-Echo distance measurement. (single gate)
  Trig: Trigonometric display of beam path, depth and surface distance. Calculation of skip depth and curved surface compensation, X- offset for transducer.
  T-Min: Holds minimum thickness in depth mode.
Pulser Voltage Spike – 200 Volt peak amplitude, rise/fall time
P.R.F Selectable 35 to 500 Hz, in 5Hz steps.
Display Colour Transflective TFT: Display area 111.4 x 83.5 mm (4.39 x 3.29 in). A-Scan Area 315 x 200 pixels max sunlight viewable.
Screen Update Rate


50 or 60Hz.
Rectification Full wave, positive, negative, RF.
Frequency Broadband 1.0 – 15MHz – 3dB.
Vertical Linearity Vertical = 1% Full Screen Height (FSH).
Amplifier Linearity ± 0.1dB.
Horizontal Linearity 0.33% Full Screen Width (FSW).
Reject 50%. (LED warning light when selected).
Units Metric (mm) or inch (in).
A-Scan Memory 5,000 waveforms.
Panel Memory 100 stores for calibration settings.
Thickness Logging Storage for 100,000 thickness readings configured either by Block/Location/Number mode or alphanumeric pre-program- mable worksheets. Readings can be exported to MS Excel using optional SDMS software
Auto-Cal Automatic calibration with two echoes