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GE Inspection USM33 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

This is a GE Inspection USM33 ultrasonic flaw detector, available for hire / rental from VARE
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Operator Manual
 Calibration range  0 to 9,999 mm +10% (steel)
Sound Velocity  1,000 to 15,000 m/s  Variable steps of 1 m/s
Display Delay  -10 to 1000 mm (340 μs)
Probe Delay  0 to 200μs
Auto Calibration 2 point calibration
Pulse intensity  220pF, 1nF
Damping 50 ohms, 500 ohms, (1,000 ohms for twin crystal probes)
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)  automatically optimize settings
Frequency Range  0.5 MHz to 20 MHz automatically matched
Gain 0 to 110dB, variable in steps
Gain Steps  0.5, 1, 2, 6, 12dB and user adjustable
Rectification   Full-wave, Negative & Positive Half-Wave, RF mode (measuring range  less than 50 mm)
Monitoring Gates  Two independent monitoring gates, start and width variable over the entire adjustable range, the response threshold of 1090% of screen height variable in steps of 1%. (coincidence and anti-coincidence), alarm signal Via LED . Gate Magnification
Amplitude Display   In % screen height or dB above DAC dB
Colour Mode  Multiple display
Colour Functions Patented Colour Coded display of legs in angle testing
DAC (Function)  Distance – amplitude – curve (DAC) Up to 10 reference echoes,  Four other curves can be displayed with variable db intervals
Displayed Reading   Sound path, distance, depth,  magnification over gate, user configurable at four positions of measurement.
Display Size & Resolution  116mm × 87mm (W×H) 320 × 240 pixels   A-scan image size / resolution 116 mm x 80mm,  320 x 220 pixels
Measurement Resolution  0.01mm in the range of 099.9mm 0.1mm in the range of 100999mm, 1.0mm above 1000mm  With evaluation in the frozen A scan : 0.5% of the calibration range setting
Units of Measure  mm, in.
Data Storage  200 instrument parameter settings can be stored with Ascan images and exported to  computer.
Display language  English, Chinese
Probe Connector Lemo (BNC Adaptors upon request)
Weight 1.8kg including battery
Size 175mm x 230mm x 76mm (length x width x height)
Environmental Protection Level: 54 IP  Impact test under IEC60068-227Ea 15g11ms,  Half-sine, each axial vibration test three times under  IEC60068-2-6Fc; 5-150Hz, 2g, 1Oct/min,  Sine wave, three times each axial  Operating temp.  0 to 60 ° C (-10 ° C  on special request)  Storage temp. -20 to 60° C
Storage Capacity 5,000 readings (linear data) and 200 Data sets
Battery Lithium battery with real-time display battery status, up to 8 hours operation.