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GE Inspection DynaPocket Portable Hardness Tester (Rebound)

This is a GE Inspection DynaPocket Portable Hardness Tester available to hire / rent from VARE
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Operator Manual
Test Method Rebound hardness testing according to ASTM standard specification A 956; dynamic measuring method; ratio of rebound (Rp) and impact (Ip) velocities with output of hardness in Leeb’s hardness value HL = 1000 Rp/Ip
Setup Miniaturized processor-controlled rebound hardness tester; impact device and integrated electronics
Impact Device Dyna D (tungsten carbide spherical test tip); impact energy approx.  12 N/mm², diameter of spherical test tip 3 mm / 0.1“
Measuring Range Depending on the material group, e.g for low-alloy steel: 150-1000 HL; 75-1000 HV; 75-700 HB; 35-100 HRB; 20-70 HRC; 30-100 HS; 250-2200 N/ mm²; 9 fixed material groups stored in the instrument
Conversion Scales HL (1.0); HV (1.0); HB (1.0); HS (0.1); HRC (0.1); HRB (0.1); N/mm² (5.0)
Statistics Display of average value
Keypad Membrane keypad with 2 keys
Power Battery operation (2 x AAA cells, NiCd, NiMH or AlMn), 4000 measurements
Weight 200g
Dimensions 38 x 170 mm / 1.5″ x 6.7″ (diameter x length)